Getting Started

  • Building instructions (online or PDF)
  • Video instructions on Youtube
  • RAMPS Driver
  • SD Card Files
  • Testpart (.gcode and .stl)
  • Extruder calibration, extrude50mm.gcode


First Own Prints

  • Repetier-Host
  • Instructions how to load, safe and use the Slic3r config files
  • Slic3r  config files for printMATE 3D ( PLA 0.05mm Vasemode, PLA 0.2mm Without Support, PLA 0.2mm With Support) or all profiles in one zip file ( all profiles zipped)
  • FreeCAD


Some already sliced models

  • Vase
  • Egg Cup



  • Philip’s nut holder


Install New Firmware


Build your own printMATE 3D

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