printMATE 3D

Why are techniques important in art?

Do the culinary arts lead to lucrative career options?

Is choosing culinary arts as a career good or bad?

Why is art related to humanities?

What is the real difference between art and fine art?

The printMATE 3D is the first low cost, easy to assemble and everything included 3D printer DIY kit. The printMATE 3D printer is fast to assemble, easy to use and prints complex structures precisely. The printMATE 3D is open source, a composition of 10.000times proven components and part of the huge and friendly RepRap community.

This 3D printer will support you to print your ideas fast, precise and reliable!

Easy To Assemble: With a excellent construction manual and video instructions it is possible to build your printMATE 3D really fast in just 18 easy steps. After just 6 hours you will be able to print the first part in high quality and your 3D printer will look clean and tidy.

Tools: You just need some common tools. Screwdriver, spanner, allen, side-cutter for zip ties. Everything will connect easily via plugs. You neither need to cut any wires nor a soldering iron.

Software: We provide all the necessary software and configurations you need to design and print all objects you can Imagine. We recommend the marlin firmware,  Repetier Host and the Slic3r.

Stand Alone: You don’t need a PC to print, just use the contained SD-Card and the LCD panel. With the panel you have the full control of the printer.

Clever: The printMATE 3D is full of smart details that make it easy and comfortable to build and use the printer. They will help you to print even complex objects precisely and reliable.

Materials: PLA, ABS, Nylon, Laybrick, Laywood, Filaflex, PVA

Printing: With a heated bed it is possible to print objects with a maximum dimension of 200 x 190 x 200mm. You can print fast up to 150mm/s and precise with just 0,05mm (50microns) layer-hight –  realize your dreams.

Safe For Future: Your printMATE 3D will be upgradeable. New features like dual extruder will be available  for your already bought 3D printer.