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printMATE 3D prints flexible Filament


We got a sample of flexible Filament from our partners from iGo3D. Its called „Filaflex“ and is distributed by Recreus from Spain.

Our first test to print the small gear of the wade extruder was quite disappointing. The filament got stuck in the hot end due to high friction between the elastic filament and the sidewalls of the hot end and the channel to the hot end within the extruder. Furthermore the distance between the hobbed bolt and the channel in the extruder body is too big so that the elastic filament had enough space to get out of alignment.

In order to extrude filaflex reliable we redesigned the extruder, especially the channel between the hobbed bolt and the hot end. Our first test print using the slic3r profiles from the recreus homepage is a handycover for a samsung mobile phone. Without further optimizations bridges and even steep overhangs could be printed.